Saturday, September 18, 2010

To My Girls...and My California Girls

Hey sweethearts, its been awhile and I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer. :)
I surely did...and a BIG THANK YOU to you guys for your part in making it happen. :)
Thank you to all the sweethearts old and new who helped me make my way down the shore this summer with my family.  It meant the world to us and especially my little girl, who finally this year got on the rides on the boardwalk down the Jersey Shore in Wildwood.   I think I was more happier than her. Ha ha.  I finally got to go on the Carousel, YAY!!!

We celebrated her 5th Birthday for the weekend there and it was super sweet candy fun!

I made her a Candy Tiara and gave her a Barbie that I love btw.....

She had a great day and I am soo gracious and glad that we could do that for her.  She tells me the other day..."Mommy I want it to be summer all the time."  I said "Nina that means we would have to move to a place where its hot all year long" and I tell her like California, Florida, or Hawaii.  She chose Florida. :)

So it was a great summer for me this year, I got to work on a lot of custom pieces for a bunch of sweeties both old and new to the shop, and even had one of my pieces worn in a music video.  Thanks to connecting with sweetheart Amber of Poparazzi Earrings who does lots of celebrity work with her ear candy sparkling jewels.   

I have made a little over a year now selling my sweet candy and cake inspired jewels and its been truly a wonderful joy.  I can honestly say I love what I do.  It gives me the freedom to express myself creatively and it has given me the opportunity to connect and share with others in a way I never had before.

I always felt the need to dim my light, for fear others wouldn't like me for being different....but now I am happier shining it for others to see. I have opened up myself to more opportunities and experiences, and found its better to share.  We bask in it together .  :) <3 We are candy friends, kindred spirits, and sweethearts riding on the same happy wavelength of time.  I am glad to have crossed paths with you all from all over the world. :)  Love you girls and guys.   xoxo

I cannot but help from noticing that over the last year ALOT of the sweethearts that visit and that have blessed the shop are from the golden coast of California.  I have always wanted to move over there at some point in my life...I hope to visit soon.  When I heard the song and saw this video...I couldn't help but think of you guys. <3  This is for you and all the other sweeties out there who like what I do and just want to have fun. :)  Thank you! More goodies coming your way, Yay! :) xoxo

Katy perry - california girls music video
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