Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Latest Sweetheart...

My newest and cutest addition to the oldie but a goodie...
Madame Cupcake, she is an new version of the Madame Cupcake that sold recently in my shop.
You could say all items in my shop are somewhat one of a kind, this one still has the essence of the original version, but she is different has come into character.

Kitties love cupcakes too, and who doesn't love kitties and cupcakes, they go hand in hand. Cuteness and sweetness all pack into one lovely piece of jewelry.

And a cutie pair of earrings that were inspired by the sweet kitty cutness...
Glamour Puss Likes to Play Dress Up

These cuties are vintage inspired and remind me of rummaging through my mothers vintage costume jewelry treasures.

Another necklace making a reappearance in my shop with a new look is
So Delish Cupcake Necklace

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Gesture of Appreciation.

After sort of a sad day I experienced yesterday, I was happy to get a convo this morning from my new Etsy friend iamveggieburger .  She has put together this beautiful appreciation video of some of my handcrafted candylicious creations.

Here is the video and make sure to check out this talented artist's youtube channel.
Thank you sooo much iamveggieburger, never let people or obstacles hold you down.  I see nothing but great things in your future.  Good luck to you in anything you set your mind and heart to. oxoxo. :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Gesture of Love...

I have been playing around with some clay again and have decided to give away my little creations as gifts with purchases of $50.00 or more.  They are rings and I hope you like them.  I think they turned out pretty cute.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Candy Couture

Blending fashion accessories and candy.  Sweet style and fashion sense.

I am working on pieces and should be posting some more for the Candy Couture Collection....
For now I have some more glittery goodness...

And of course new Valentines Day goodies are being made and posted daily....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Letter To My Copycat.

"While things may basically look or be the same, in essence it's the person who conceives them from their heart and soul, that radiates through them"

Its been awhile since I last posted some pics of my new creations. I have been busy with the holidays that came and went, I have been busy as a bee coming up with new ideas and creations. As a designer/artist I am constantly trying new things, evolving, and getting inspired everyday by other artists, things I may feel, see, and admire. I was surprised and very very happy to see that I even inspired someone recently. My friend, Cindy B. of EpoxyonYou , whose awesome blog "Inspiration Makes The World Go Round" , put a smile on my face. In this blog she acknowledges a few awesome artists (including myself), who inspired her. I really admire her for that. I am glad to see the love and inspiration we can share with each other.

Now on the other hand we can have the complete and unfortunate opposite. "The Copycat." Like everything else there is good and there is bad. Inspiration is great, what is not great is a carbon copy, a knock off, or cheap replica. I understand that what an artist might do is appealing and you might want to try it, by all means do so, but put your own imagination into it. Come up with your own spin on things, come up with something new because if you don't then you are not an artist/designer, what you will become is a human copy machine.

I have recently been having a problem with etsy seller SweetLove4U /Kawaii4U who finds satisfaction by replicating my style. At first I thought I was being paranoid, but then I had a few other people message me and confirm my suspicions. When I saw "my pieces" in her shop, my heart dropped! I felt like someone had ripped my soul right out of me. It is that personal to me. I confronted this copycat SweetLove4U , and she completely denied it, and called me the jewelry police and infantile. I was stunned, and then decided to move on. I started then to do some new designs and my very first collection, "The Eat Cake Collection" and then she took my new ideas & designs and again started doing pieces very similar. It was very frustrating, she then started taking photos with the same props, and similar backgrounds, and now even purchasing the same beads and materials. I mean, I don't think I am overreacting, I feel like this is all an insult to my creative intelligence. I stay up late at night coming up with different ideas for my pieces, and work very hard, and put all of my heart into my work, and then to have someone easily come along, rip me off and go as far as calling her imitations unique and original. That is not cool.
This etsy seller completely denies copying my style and refuses to even give me any credit.

I am now very hesitant to even post previews and progress on this blog of my upcoming work before putting them up in my shop, for fear that they will be replicated before I even have time to finish them.  My whole intention of this blog was to share and inspire others and that has been taken away from both you and me :(
I know she visits my shop and comes here to my blog to study my pieces, my work, my everything. Then she goes and changes it a little and under prices it. It's just a sad experience. I love to inspire others, awhile back I even created a resin tutorial, so that others can use resin as a creative outlet as I have. So my intent is not to discourage others, but when someone tries to take my ideas and pass them off as their own, I feel like I have to speak out.

When I first joined etsy I was very inspired by many designers who utilized a combination of resin and candy. One day I decided to give resin a try. I experimented with some basic generic molds and candy that everyone in etsy seemed to be using. After getting comfortable with resin I was able to combine my own sense of style with this newfound tool.
My hope is that this person will live up to her shop's motto of being  "unique, trendsetting, and imaginative".  I hope she finds herself as I did, because there is no greater reward than having your creations come to life and having those creations be appreciated by others.  

I would really like everyone's feedback on this please let me know how you feel and share your experiences.