Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away!!!

As I sit here typing this another snow storm sweeps on through, and I really want nothing but the sun like a lot of you out there as well.  I want sea, sun, and flowers...that's all nothing over the top.  I should move to Florida...oh yeah its cold even there now, lol.   What's a girl to do?  Well in the meantime, I have been creating floral theme jewelry pieces to keep me happy and busy during these deary cold days.

And those who are into sweets...
I did not forget about yous...Never forget about the sweets!!!

I hope I didn't tease you too much with the sweets, lol. :) Yum.

Monday, February 8, 2010

After the frost must comes the flowers...
I have been longing the sunshine and warmth since the ball dropped on New Years Day.  No more holidays...just bleeping cold weather and snow.  I can't wait for Spring to come, I am a Spring Baby after all born on March 24th.  I have been playing with flowers lately and have created my own indoor garden you can say, while I wait for the first blooms to peak through the ground.  So here is a sneak peek at my happy flowers and more still to come....

These will be available soon and in different colors too...variety is the spice of life!!!