Thursday, June 24, 2010

She sells seashells by the seashore...The Jersey Shore :)

Schools out...the sun is blazing and the waves are rolling in and I am ready to go down the shore.  My favorite thing to do.  Hop on the Garden State Parkway and drive through the forest of trees and go over the bridge.  If you are from Jersey you know what I am talking about...that bridge where you know you can start stretching your arms and legs, open up the windows and start to smell the sea in the air.  It soo exciting!!! I can't wait to go...I think I am going to have to break the piggie bank this year to go though.  By whatever means I will be going!!!! I must!!!

With all this inspiration of sea and sun, I made a some pieces with a play on mermaids and the sea.  Trinkets and treasures to wear throughout the day....

Mermaid Treasure Charm Bracelet

Fishy, Fishy Goldie Sparkles Chandelier Earrings....

I love the gold fish earrings!!!  It has always been my dream to live by the sea and make jewelry.  I want this to manifest itself soon.  Living by the sea I can imagine would be sooo inspiring. Enjoy your summer friends!!! oxoxox


  1. WOW! STunning colors! Very nice

  2. Fabulous earings are shown here. Specially the second one.
    These earigs are the most important part of jewelry. Thanks for sharing them.

    Glass Of Venice