Friday, December 9, 2011

Candylicious Christmas 2011

Hello All!!!
Its has been waaaaaay too long.  I have not written for sometime now and thought I would just try and catch up with you guys out there in the cyber world.  The holiday season is upon us and its one of my favorite times of year, besides the beginning of the summer season.  I take this time as an opportunity to bring some warmth and cheer indoors.

I do this with Christmas decorating and this years theme was influenced by a vintage feel.  I love the look of christmas's past and how fun and kitschy it could be.  Trees were silver, pink, white, and sometimes even made of peacock feathers.  You would even have some with lighting effects and bubbling christmas lights.  A couple years ago I played with the idea of a tinsel tree and some bubble lights and a loved it.  The tinsel tree was cute, but it was so skinny and I couldn't go to town with all the ornaments I had in mind.  So this year I upgraded for a still fun kitschy vintage influence with a bigger white xmas tree. Yay!! More space to add more ornies and pretties.

So here is the Christmas Tree of 2011....

I hope you like it. I love it and it makes me smile and warms my heart. <3 :D

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