Sunday, July 1, 2012

Peachy Paradise

So I haven't been creating much jewelry lately, :( (because of my pregnancy number 2 and its a boy! :D) but that has not stopped the creative itch I always need to scratch. lol  I decided to put my energy into finally focusing on my boudoir.  Peachy Paradise as I like to refer to it.  Its a an eclectic mix of my love of things cheery, colorful, and chinoiserie.  I love, love, love, how its turning out so far.  I have a little more to go, but I am very happy with the results so far.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Candylicious Christmas 2011

Hello All!!!
Its has been waaaaaay too long.  I have not written for sometime now and thought I would just try and catch up with you guys out there in the cyber world.  The holiday season is upon us and its one of my favorite times of year, besides the beginning of the summer season.  I take this time as an opportunity to bring some warmth and cheer indoors.

I do this with Christmas decorating and this years theme was influenced by a vintage feel.  I love the look of christmas's past and how fun and kitschy it could be.  Trees were silver, pink, white, and sometimes even made of peacock feathers.  You would even have some with lighting effects and bubbling christmas lights.  A couple years ago I played with the idea of a tinsel tree and some bubble lights and a loved it.  The tinsel tree was cute, but it was so skinny and I couldn't go to town with all the ornaments I had in mind.  So this year I upgraded for a still fun kitschy vintage influence with a bigger white xmas tree. Yay!! More space to add more ornies and pretties.

So here is the Christmas Tree of 2011....

I hope you like it. I love it and it makes me smile and warms my heart. <3 :D

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Year of the Copycat

I was reading a blog post from fellow candy gal Jackie of  The Hollywood Candy Girls about Steve Jobs and his thoughts on how 2011 is the year of the copycats.

It got me thinking who is to blame? Is it the copycat itself, who lacks vision but is motivated by monetary incentive.  Or could it be that they are inspired and don't know how to interpret and use that inspiration in a positive light?  Could it be our capitalist system and its dog eat dog mentality?  Or are the parents to blame for not consciously teaching the kiddies right from wrong.  It could be a combination of all of these things happening at the same time I guess.

I don't know about Mr. Jobs but for me the saddest part of being violated in this way, has nothing to do with the unauthorized "borrowing" of ideas, nor the potential sale that could have been made. But it has everything to do with what that potential sale could have represented.  In my case, that sale represents freedom.  The freedom to say one morning, "Nina lets go to the big diner for pancakes, mommy is tired from working last night." The freedom to go down the Jersey Shore whenever possible during the summer, to watch my daughter play in the sand. The freedom to homeschool my daughter and the valuable time and memories we make as each year passes.  The freedom to surprise my husband with a candle light dinner out one night.

So, In my case its not a potential $ale that is being $tolen, but potential moments in my families life that could have been.

I know of a couple of Etsy Artists that are going thru the same situation and I hope that 2012 will become the year of FREEDOM.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

To My Girls...and My California Girls

Hey sweethearts, its been awhile and I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer. :)
I surely did...and a BIG THANK YOU to you guys for your part in making it happen. :)
Thank you to all the sweethearts old and new who helped me make my way down the shore this summer with my family.  It meant the world to us and especially my little girl, who finally this year got on the rides on the boardwalk down the Jersey Shore in Wildwood.   I think I was more happier than her. Ha ha.  I finally got to go on the Carousel, YAY!!!

We celebrated her 5th Birthday for the weekend there and it was super sweet candy fun!

I made her a Candy Tiara and gave her a Barbie that I love btw.....

She had a great day and I am soo gracious and glad that we could do that for her.  She tells me the other day..."Mommy I want it to be summer all the time."  I said "Nina that means we would have to move to a place where its hot all year long" and I tell her like California, Florida, or Hawaii.  She chose Florida. :)

So it was a great summer for me this year, I got to work on a lot of custom pieces for a bunch of sweeties both old and new to the shop, and even had one of my pieces worn in a music video.  Thanks to connecting with sweetheart Amber of Poparazzi Earrings who does lots of celebrity work with her ear candy sparkling jewels.   

I have made a little over a year now selling my sweet candy and cake inspired jewels and its been truly a wonderful joy.  I can honestly say I love what I do.  It gives me the freedom to express myself creatively and it has given me the opportunity to connect and share with others in a way I never had before.

I always felt the need to dim my light, for fear others wouldn't like me for being different....but now I am happier shining it for others to see. I have opened up myself to more opportunities and experiences, and found its better to share.  We bask in it together .  :) <3 We are candy friends, kindred spirits, and sweethearts riding on the same happy wavelength of time.  I am glad to have crossed paths with you all from all over the world. :)  Love you girls and guys.   xoxo

I cannot but help from noticing that over the last year ALOT of the sweethearts that visit and that have blessed the shop are from the golden coast of California.  I have always wanted to move over there at some point in my life...I hope to visit soon.  When I heard the song and saw this video...I couldn't help but think of you guys. <3  This is for you and all the other sweeties out there who like what I do and just want to have fun. :)  Thank you! More goodies coming your way, Yay! :) xoxo

Katy perry - california girls music video
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

She sells seashells by the seashore...The Jersey Shore :)

Schools out...the sun is blazing and the waves are rolling in and I am ready to go down the shore.  My favorite thing to do.  Hop on the Garden State Parkway and drive through the forest of trees and go over the bridge.  If you are from Jersey you know what I am talking about...that bridge where you know you can start stretching your arms and legs, open up the windows and start to smell the sea in the air.  It soo exciting!!! I can't wait to go...I think I am going to have to break the piggie bank this year to go though.  By whatever means I will be going!!!! I must!!!

With all this inspiration of sea and sun, I made a some pieces with a play on mermaids and the sea.  Trinkets and treasures to wear throughout the day....

Mermaid Treasure Charm Bracelet

Fishy, Fishy Goldie Sparkles Chandelier Earrings....

I love the gold fish earrings!!!  It has always been my dream to live by the sea and make jewelry.  I want this to manifest itself soon.  Living by the sea I can imagine would be sooo inspiring. Enjoy your summer friends!!! oxoxox

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Candy Glam...

Hello sweethearts!!! New pieces inspired by a candy classic Ring Pop.  Lots of fun colors and sparkly jewels for sweet fashion fun on the scene.  These baubles look soo yummy and are the same size of the actual real candy.  Which one is your fave?  Mine is the pink, the red, and blue.  I love em' all but we always have our favorite one, two, or three.  Summer is almost here and I probably will not be cranking them out as much as winter...but who knows? I am a beach bum and indulge in outdoor activities during this time of year. I may still get the urge to lock myself in my craft room and make a bunch here and there, but nothing beats the feeling of the sun and surf and the joy of quality family time.  :)

I made some super fun necklaces back in April called Luxe Lolli's, which are another fun candy classic with the twist and added glam of Swarovski Crystal encrusted stick.  Love those as well.  So take look around and enjoy.  Candy and fashion together=Soooo much fun!!!!

Hope you love em' as much as I do soo fun to wear and puts a smile on the face. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Dynamic Duo...You can do it!

With layoffs running rampant throughout the country and economy in it's current state.  There are alot of people lost in the sea of faces feeling worried and anxious about what will be the next step, where their next pay check will come from, or looking for that next job.  Sometimes these events can be a blessing in disguise, and an opportunity to do something you wish you had the time to dedicate to when you were on that 9 to 5 race.  

Now is the time to stop and smell the roses, look within, and try that thing you always wanted to try.  Take that knitting class, beading class, or t-shirt course from the Annex Magazine you saw one day on your bus ride through the city.  I feel a wave of a huge indie movement right now and I personally know alot of friends who have started doing thier own little side projects while holding down their day jobs.  Its exciting and I am soo happy to see people doing what they love and manifesting their dreams.  It makes life sooo much more fullfilling and less mundane.  Now that's living!

We are all creators and have the ability to take our dreams, visions, ideas, and make them a reality.  Even if its doesn't turn out exactly as you planned, you can always know your tried... and not be left with the "what ifs".  

So now is the time people!!! Become a gardener and travel the world like my friends Felipe and Leija are currently doing, become a photographer like long time friend Erik Motta,  a party planner and crafter like my high school Class President Angie Tomala, collaborate with your kids interests and start your own skateboard company like our friends at Bump Skateboards.  The opportunities are there you just have to open your eyes and pursue your dreams.  

I am proud to be collaborating with my husband and friend of 17 years on a new design venture.  We just opened up a new shop by the name of 2sleeves1collar and this will be an on going collaboration of projects and creativity.  After his many pushes for me to do my jewelry, now this is something we can work on together.  Here are some photos of our first t-shirts.