Friday, September 25, 2009

Looking at Fall in a different light...

I have a love and hate relationship with the fall.....I love the idea of a fresh new look and the layering of scarves and sweaters in cozy knits and textures.   Snuggling up under the covers and drinking hot cocoa.  The colors of the fall leaves and the anitcipation of the holidays,  but what I do not like is saying goodbye to my fun sun loving summer, basking in the suns rays and taking in the ocean breeze is what makes me happiest.  I dread the shorter days and even colder nights,  but without the colder season I guess would not appreciate the summer as much as I do.

Anyway this time around instead of staying in and being glum and down about not having the sun as much around,  I have my new venture of creating jewelry to keep me busy.  So far it has made this transition fun and inspiring.  All the new colors, and the way the sun casts a different glow in the sky and everything it touches, gets my creative juices flowing.  It gets me wanting to translate that into a new beautiful piece.

I am looking forward to playing and creating with all the chains, crystals, and pearls I purchased recently.  I was the cliche' "A kid in a candy store" with all of falls new opportunities for color and texture.  So here are just a few of my lastest goodies.  More to come soon, keep on checking back.  In the meantime for a closer look and more pics and pieces go to my store

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