Friday, November 6, 2009

Sleigh bells ring...Are you listening???

Its that time of year can hear the holiday music playing in the store, and all the holiday displays are up.  Thinking of what gifts you can get this year and on what budget.  Well I started thinking about the holidays a few weeks back and have made a couple holiday inspired pieces that are inspired by a pastel retro color palette, and lots of glitter and sprinkles.  This year in my home I will be going very retro too.  I just love the tinsel trees, but don't know if I can spare the bucks for one this year.  So for now I have my little pink cashmere tree in my office, up since mischeif night, for inspiration and just cause I think it rocks, I love it!!! I think I will leave it up all year round this time around, its pink and soo adorable.  So how is everyone going to decorate their homes?  What are your ideas and feelings?  I would love to hear?

These candy looking sweeties will be rings and things....

My pink tree...I love her.


  1. Thanks I just love the holidays, something to look forward to in this cold weather.