Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feeling Smitten...

The weather is warming up and the sun is shining brighter and I am super duper happy!!!  Things in my life are getting better and better, and I am looking forward to the good things that are ahead.  I have been working really hard and been busy, busy, busy.  I have been creating pieces for a consignment deal I got with an eclectic art gallery called The Art and Soul Gallery in Washington State.  

Funny how the universe works...just two days before this happened, I was discussing with my friend Candeegurl about her consignment. (Congrat to you girl!)  I was excited for her and expressed to her that I wanted to go the same route, but I was intimidated by the thought of approaching some of the shops in my area.  She had nothing but good things to say to me and some encouraging words. (Thanks <3) Then I thought to myself and realized..."You know what, get over it, just do it!!!" and said "What do I have to lose?...nothing."  

So I then felt and knew deep down in my heart I could do this, and then Bang!!!!  Two days later I get an message from a sweet lady over at Etsy who loves my jewelry and would love to carry my work and here I am today.  I am soo filled with gratitude and joy.  We are soo blessed sometimes and we don't take the time to stop and appreciate all that we have.  I am soo gracious really.  So I am looking forward to good things that will come and enjoying the now.  The universe is definately listening and just have to feel it, see it, and be it and it will manifest its self somehow.  

I just completed a few sweet treasures for the lovely ladies of "The Cottage" over at Feeling Smitten Cupcake BathBombs.  Their cupcakes are "the bomb!" ha, ha, ha.  The look just like real edible cupcakes, they smell so yummy too. Thanks a bunch to sweet lady Courtney, your a doll!!!  All the cupcakes in the photos below are the Cupcake BathBombs by Feeling Smitten .  Are they sooo darn cute?  I love them!!! <3 
Soo feast your eyes on these yummies.....

I think they turned great!!!!


  1. these are so pretty I like ur blog allot! nice pictures.

  2. you are very talented! i love your blog and i love madonna!!! : ) xxxxxx