Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Dynamic Duo...You can do it!

With layoffs running rampant throughout the country and economy in it's current state.  There are alot of people lost in the sea of faces feeling worried and anxious about what will be the next step, where their next pay check will come from, or looking for that next job.  Sometimes these events can be a blessing in disguise, and an opportunity to do something you wish you had the time to dedicate to when you were on that 9 to 5 race.  

Now is the time to stop and smell the roses, look within, and try that thing you always wanted to try.  Take that knitting class, beading class, or t-shirt course from the Annex Magazine you saw one day on your bus ride through the city.  I feel a wave of a huge indie movement right now and I personally know alot of friends who have started doing thier own little side projects while holding down their day jobs.  Its exciting and I am soo happy to see people doing what they love and manifesting their dreams.  It makes life sooo much more fullfilling and less mundane.  Now that's living!

We are all creators and have the ability to take our dreams, visions, ideas, and make them a reality.  Even if its doesn't turn out exactly as you planned, you can always know your tried... and not be left with the "what ifs".  

So now is the time people!!! Become a gardener and travel the world like my friends Felipe and Leija are currently doing, become a photographer like long time friend Erik Motta,  a party planner and crafter like my high school Class President Angie Tomala, collaborate with your kids interests and start your own skateboard company like our friends at Bump Skateboards.  The opportunities are there you just have to open your eyes and pursue your dreams.  

I am proud to be collaborating with my husband and friend of 17 years on a new design venture.  We just opened up a new shop by the name of 2sleeves1collar and this will be an on going collaboration of projects and creativity.  After his many pushes for me to do my jewelry, now this is something we can work on together.  Here are some photos of our first t-shirts.



  1. The shirts look Kool Athina! Good luck with your new venture, I'm sure you will do well, your jewellery is so awesome and you are so inspirational! Things aren't so great here in Australia either, interest rates are on the rise which means people have less money to spend! My hubby mentioned me getting a job last night and I'm freaking out cause our little one is only 9 months old! I've been thinking about selling my pendants & hair clips at local markets but something stops me! Hiding behind your computer and selling your stuff is so much easier then actually putting yourself out there for in ya face judgement.
    Your little market stall looks good enough to eat, and if I was local I would definatley stop by!
    I love to follow your blog, you're like a big rainbow, a kindred spirit on the other side of the world! :)
    Renee xx

  2. Why thanks sweetie, same too you. You too are like that kindred spirit on that other side of the world. I am glad you connected with the message I sent out into the world. :) I too was in your situation last year, when my husband became umemployed. I was at the local Trader Joe's and attended a job fair to support my younger brother on his first interview. I filled out an application and interviewed. To my surprise they were interested in me and called me back, and with our situation at the time, my husband suggested I should consider it for extra cash. I thought about it and felt that was not my path, but instead I got serious about creating and the opportunities it could bring, like happiness and $$$. This was the best thing I ever did. I have never been happier and I hope that you give it a try too. Here I am today experiencing my first market...something that I couldn't wrap my head around just a year ago. Sometimes we have to take the plunge and get out of our shell and give life a try. Don't let your fears over come you and hold you prisoner. It can be even easier when you have support, so take someone along and give it a try what do you have to lose?....Except Fear and that does nothing for us anyway, right?



  3. Thanks for your words of encouragment Athina, I will let you know how I go.
    Renee xxx