Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I managed to pull myself away from my desk for the holidays, and have been a little slow in my lil' factory over here.  I am a workaholic when it comes to what I love, and creating my latest pieces is my absolute most favorite.  I am really loving what I do, and feel really, really, inspired and wish sometimes I had like eight of me handy, lol.

New Years is approaching and looking back at 09', I have to say this is a year I will never forget.  I finally put myself out there, and found something I could put all of me in, my jewelry.  I have always loved creating and can be a "jill of all trades", but I would always try new things, never finish or lose interest, but now I feel like I am really living my passion, my dream, and that is to create jewelry.  I  would like to thank my husband for the push, and that little voice inside of me that said to just, "let it go and go for it!".  I am glad I did, and I will never look back.  What warms my heart even more, is to see the love and appreciation that others share with me and my work.  What I do is very personal, and I put all of myself and my heart into my work.  I was always afraid to put myself out there, for fear of getting my feelings hurt,  but I am glad that I finally opened up for the world to see. It feels great and I truly appreciate the love and have complete gratitude.  I am looking forward to sharing more of me, living my passion, and dream.  I love what I do, and its the best feeling in the world.  Thanks to all...you know who you are.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!


  1. This might just be one of the best Christmas tree portraits I have ever seen!

  2. LOL. Thanks, we had a blast taking it, glad you like it. XoD