Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cake it up sweeties....

It all just came together over the last few weeks with out planning and I am soo psyched about it.
Here is my first collection The Eat Cake Mary Antoinette Collection.  The necklace from my one of my recent blogs already sold and was my absolute favorite ( I had to make myself one).  I sold a few of the rings and earrings and I am so inspired and can't wait to make some more designs and share them with you.  

She showed up on my door step yesterday...and I <3 her!!!

**Note after just a few weeks of my pieces being on etsy,  my Eat Cake Line is currently being imitated by another Etsy Seller, so beware of unoriginal "copycakers".  The cake may look similiar, but it sure doesn't taste the same.**  Thanks and enjoy!

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