Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A celebration...

I have always been a fan of Madonna since day one, I was four years old and remember how much I wanted to dress like her.  She looked different from anything I had seen at the time and I like everyone fell in love with her style, her look, and her pop music.  And I was not alone it was Madonna Mania.

Two of my new resin pieces are inspired by my childhood fave.  The trendsetter of the 80's with a look that inspired all girls to look like boytoys, and and dress up with bows and lacey gloves and layer on the accessories.  A look that has very much come back with this 80's revival going on in fashion and jewelry.  Layers of chains, big and bold, pearls, lace, bows, leggings, all of it.  Its back in full force, and I love it, since I was too little to indulge in it as much as I wanted to.  I have name too of my pieces after the earlier Madonna, necklaces Boytoy and Like a Virgin.  They are fun, cute, sassy, sexy, and edgy.  It a retro revival and I am loving it.  The sequins, the lace, the high gloss materials, the corsets, and the big bold jewelry so chic.

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