Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Missing Summer Days & Gonna Make It Work....

I did it to myself...I started listening to my Malt Shop Memories Album.  But It will do me some good this time around.  I am feeling super inspired and will be doing some cool stuff.  I just have to organized my thoughts and will try (crosses fingers) to narrow some things down.  A tough task for me to handle, being that I love to try and do everything!!!! Oh boy, here we go. In the meantime come take a trip down memory lane with down in the Jersey Shore....I just love the Wildwoods and Cape May.  Its like vintage and retro heaven, for me.  I plan to get a house there someday, maybe if I sell enough jewelry, you guys could help me out and we can have pool parties and stuff, lol. ;o)  Alot of my inspiration comes from the special times there with my family soo here we are having fun....


  1. what a fun trip down memory lane! inspiring!

  2. Such a nice Blog spot =D and music to boot!
    ::Serene & calm ::

  3. Thanks sweeties...with all this cold weather here, I was missing the summer. Its been a month since I was down the shore. But now I am looking forward to the holidays and can't wait to get crafty.